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Hey, thank you very much for your work, you have no idea (or even have) how precious your work is for those who need to be informed about the essentials news. I would just like to make one request, and I would like you to think very carefully: put a category for news from Brazil, my country... unfortunately we have nothing of the kind here. Think about it, please :)

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Your comment made my day!

Unfortunately I don't have enough knowledge about Brazil and its culture to create a section about it. I wouldn't know what news are relevant. Anyway if you can handle the burden of using raw HTML, have some time to research and somehow have a centrist/unbiased view you could start one ;) ...


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Mar 22, 2023·edited Mar 22, 2023

I would love to be able to collaborate. If you can teach us how you do your news selection, that would help a lot.

Aliás, tu és português, meu amigo? haha, eu estou com uma leve suspeita disto! Abraços.

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Mar 24, 2023·edited Mar 24, 2023Author

Sim, sou um portuga, lol. Uso o ingles para poder motivar outros a colaborar também...

"How do you curate articles? I cherry-pick articles that dissect trends or unveil lesser known trends and interesting edge cases, and are relevant, at least, for some months. It’s certainly affected by my biases and most articles were on Hacker News. The articles’ listing order is not random."

A few tricks:

- Wait a month or more before publishing an article. Stuff like "Lula was reelected even after being jailed because of corruption" or "Bolsonaristas invaded the Brazilian parlament" may be relevant today but not that relevant in 6 months. By the other hand if you use them as proofs for a relevant or surprising pattern (if you can find it - it's just an example) like "Brazilians don't care about ethics in politics" or "Brazil is a divided country" these links may be acceptable.

- The truth/virtue is, normally, in the center. Any news selection will be biased but try to be conscient about it. One trick I use: if you lean left prefer articles from media that lean right. If you lean right, prefer articles from media that leans left. It will balance your viewpoint.

- 15 articles per quarter is enough.

Think about it, start collecting some links and then let me know (there's a direct email in the website) if you want to collaborate. I could create a Brazil section for you (based on Portugal) and you take it from there. I'll make it "ghost" (no link from first page) in the beginning. It will give you some time to collect links and polish it. I believe Github and HTML are not a problem for you, if it is you must get somebody that can help you with it. All the best!

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Mar 24, 2023·edited Mar 25, 2023

I liked your tips. However, do you watch the news every day to create your link/article selection or do you do it once in a while? My biggest problem is doing this every day. But I could do it fortnightly or monthly, but I do not know where to get the most relevant news of the last fifteen or thirty days. Here in Brazil we have some daily newsletters that could serve to make a "news review". There is also WikiNews (from wikipedia) that constantly shows the most relevant news of the day, but if I knew how to get the most accessed news information from this curator I would certainly have a very good filter to start this work, and not only for news from Brazil but from any country that has a WikiNews from their country.

I've been researching "untoxic/unclickbait" news curatorships for a while, and I found some very interesting ones, I'll share them with you:

https://detoxed.news/ (uses the WikiNews database)

https://legiblenews.com/ (also uses the WikiNews database)

Brazilian newsletter mentioned: https://thenewscc.com.br/ (has a good filtering of the last 24h news, but not always important news in long term)

Deus te abençoe, amigo portuga!

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Mar 25, 2023·edited Mar 25, 2023Author

This is just a side project, I do it unscheduled. I wander on many sources and when I'm surprised by an article or when it confirms a trend I see emerging I save that link... Again when I feel like/have time I post a link or two from the saved links, some time passed and it's more clear what is really relevant. I delete/replace links often when they don't seem relevant anymore or find a better source. Ex: Last quarter I just published 6 links, most about chatgpt. I didn't research it for slowernews, It's a side effect of my personal research/curiosity.

I don't use wikinews. It's untoxic but most facts are not relevant at all on the long term. Random example:

"A dual Haitian-Chilean citizen pleads guilty to three murder-related charges in a court in the United States over his role in the assassination of Haitian president Jovenel Moïse."

Does it worth to know this? I prefer to know stuff like:

"Our planet is greener than 20 years ago" backed by NASA sources.

Brazil section is online... I used Portugal as a base but you're free to organize it differently. Don't feel pressured, is still an unlinked "easter egg", see it as a trial. All the best amigo brazuca!


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I will collect some interesting and relevant news about the Brazil over time and try to feed the section next winter (next summer, in the case of the northern hemisphere). All the best amigo portuga!

P.S: Could you provide a simple HTML template to use for writing the text with links? If you can insert the raw HTML of the last update or of the Portugal section it will be very useful as it will lessen the work Haha.

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